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Thread: Which trail cam to buy?

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    Which trail cam to buy?

    Hello I'm wanting some advice on trail cams wanting to put a couple up but not had any experience with them. Looking to spend around 100-150. just wanted to know which ones people are using and are impressed with.need something which is user friendly I think. Many thanks

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    Ive got a Ltl Acorn and been impressed with it for the price etc. There are better ones out there but it all comes down to budget.

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    +1 for little acorn. Very good value.

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    I have a Bushnell a stealth cam and a bresser and I would say the Bushnell is the best of the bunch. It is easy to set up , picture quality is excellent and it can be locked to its mount with a python cable etc.

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    +1 on bushnell but slightly over your budget. Worth it though.

    Buy cheap, buy twice!

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    Spypoint. Excellent service from Scott Country.

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    Ltl acorn Aldi 79.99

    heads up stealth cams again


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    I went through a similar process a while back.

    Firstly you can often get "last year's model" trail cameras at greatly reduced prices. I have a Bushnell 119437 which was around 300 in the UK when it was released but which I got in the USA for 112 however they are now a lot less expensive in the UK if you shop around as they are the 2012 model and 2013 models are now available. Given this it is probably possible to get a top notch camera that is last year's model here in the UK for around the top end of your budget.

    Most cameras are a compromise - some will have a really long flash range, say, but a really slow trigger speed. Given this you have to decide on your priorities. For me I wanted a fast trigger and so the Bushnells at 0.6 of a second were up at the top of my list. Many cameras are very slow to trigger and may miss the animal you want to capture and this is a big factor if you are going to point the camera at a trail that deer are moving along. If you are pointing it at an area where they stand around feeding then fast trigger may not be an issue for you. So, it is worth taking a little while and looking at the specs to see what your priorities are.

    This site has a lot of reviews including sample photos. It also has a forum where you can ask questions:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Border View Post
    Spypoint. Excellent service from Scott Country.
    +1 on spy point and Scott country. And the battery has lasted 4 times longer in the spypoint and still going strong than the battery in my Ltl Acorn.

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    Missed out on the clearance of last years spypoint Very tight budget so went with todays aldi deal, first impressions for the money very good, mostly this is to be used in lofts otherwise the 20ft range I think I would find frustrating

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