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Thread: Pink brass

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    Pink brass

    Can anyone please tell me why the brass turned a pink colour in my ultra sonic cleaner after only 2 3 min blasts ?? Thanks

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    wrong cleaner pos! pink with brass normly is over heating it , but don't think it was that any pix ! or
    Dezincification, which causes the brass (a female alloy) embarrassment, resulting in the pink hue
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    Only used a touch of washing up liquid in warm water , what should I use ?? Thanks

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    Your washing up liquid may have been high in lemon concentrate.
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    lemon will prob turn it dark black ! i use Distilled Water 3 a gal and a brass cleaner from gun shop , Electrolysis likely pulled the zinc out of the alloy pink is normly a sign of the zinc loss and thus brass may be scrap

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    I don't use the brass for reloading , I use it for making cuff links , bottle opener , cork screws etc just need it a bit cleaner before I brasso it , thank for your help ��

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    Not good!
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    As others said pink is not good. You have taken one of the metals out of the brass alloy. if they were for high pressure rifle cartridges and not for cufflinks etc., I'd consider scrapping them as they will most likely split on re-sizing after the next firing at the neck.

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    I get that if I use citric acid.
    Now just use SeaClean and warm water.


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    I have had something similar after cleaning cases that have been in a leather bullet holder. When ultrasonic cleaned the markings where leather had stuck to turned colour not quite pink but certainly lightened up but after tumbling the colour had pretty much returned to normal.

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