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    I know the bots thing has been done to death but does anyone know the difference between the meindl Dovre and the Glockner

    Im on the verge of replacing my Mouflons and was wondering which to go for (sort of like the look of the glockner with no reason other than the looks)

    Its a big wedge to outlay so i want to get the right ones and not wist i had gone for the other


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    Meindl Boots

    I have a pair of Glockners for the last 5 years very good boot, got a pair of Makalu's last year they fit like a glove, very comfortable to walk in and give great ankle support and your feet are bone dry.

    Both very good boots, id recomend the Makalus worth the money.

    No experience of the Dovre so cant comment.


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    any other the chiruca range
    very light weight
    very comfortable( almost like slippers)
    and the choice of either standard laces orstainless steel wire

    if you would like any prices get in touch


    steve hunter

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    I have the dovres and I think they are an awesome boot, very comfortable straight out of the box and very warm and waterproof.

    My good mate has the glockners and they are firstly a little shorter than the dovres and they have a bit of a rubber lip beneath the toe as they are suitable for crampons, other than that they are just as good a as the dovres.

    Bushwear had them at a decent price I think.


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    Extreme's and glockner's both very good. Glockners made to be suitable for mountaineering as well as hunting.

    One is higher than the other. on is nubuck leather the other ordinary leather.

    Major difference is that the Extreme is made on a wider foot bed than the Glockner. If you try one type on for size, the other won't be the same.

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    Excellent feedback, still doesnt narrow it down much but interesting about the width.

    Think il try both and see which ones fit the best.

    Just got to find somewhere close in North Wales to try both pairs on!


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    Right then, Dovre it is!

    next thing is does anyone know where you can get them for Under 199 (cheapest i have found them at W Slacks)


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