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Thread: 3 more sleeps to go

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    3 more sleeps to go

    Yes my big day is nearly here.
    I won't ask you fellow shooters for any advice ( well I am all ears if you must ) 😏

    shes a cracking girl as I ve said before, been together 10 years and she always lets me go out to play. I always told her I fished and shot before I met her and that's the way it must stay. She says she went shopping before we met and that's how it must stay.
    HAPPY DAYS !!!

    Tried to keep a deer theme for the wedding , so called the six tables after our magnificent creatures, also put some pics and deer facts on the table. Plan is our man will ask questions about our deer , get it wrong and the drink gets necked.

    It will be interesting to see how the game pans out, but quietly confident guests will learn about deer while we all drink


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    All the best on your big day.

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    Congratulations and hope the day goes well

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    Sounds great, hope you have a great day


    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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    Hope you have a great day

    I only have 2 sleeps before a day stay surgery and I still don't want to be you


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    Good luck - take time to enjoy the day, it goes quickly

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    Reading the title of your thread I thought it would be something to do with a first stalk booked on an untaken species

    Anyway all the very best to you and your intended from all the Admin team, have a great day and I hope the weather stays fine for you all.
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