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Thread: BMH Pup,s for sale

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    BMH Pup,s for sale

    Bavarian Mountain Hound pup,s for sale One Bitch and three dogs.

    PM me for information if you are interested.

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    i am looking for a new deer stalking pup can you provide details ie location what sex and price for puppies available please

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    Bonnie pups Davie , can you pm me prices please

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    Nice looking pup.s Davies I can't believe how all BMh pups are nearly all identical
    ​ Atb tom

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    Tom the pups do look similar but there is a defo gap between the size of the dogs and the bitches. The first went to his new home today a good pro forestry chap i should hopefully here how this dog gets on.

    There are four still available two bitches and to dogs. Pictures to follow

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    Is that your carcass prep area you've got your pups in? Real good idea


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    I thought so also nice and easy to clean and with a drain easy to swill out the floor. Especially now i won't be using it for a while.

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    Two pups left ready to go to new homes now.One dog pup one bitch pup.

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    lovely looking pups and if work was better I would have one of these. good luck with the sale

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