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    howa 1500

    hi,do any of you fella,s know if it,s possible for the stock on a howa to warp,i,ve just noticed that the barrel and the end of the stock are touching ever so slightly.
    i took the rifle out on sunday to check it,s zero after i missed a nice fallow buck on saterday evening and i noticed it was shooting way off ,about 2.5 inches i,m off this evening to see about getting a new hogue stock.
    cheers the scudd

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    What stock do you have on it at present? Steve.

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    hi,thestock on it at the minute is a plain synthetic one

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    Scudd, the plain synthetic stock comes touching the barrel. They are plain horrible. I had one on my 22-250, I opened the channel so there was at least 2.5mm gap clearance and bedded the rifle with steel epoxy. As an emergency fix it did the job. Later I fitted our composite stock and she shot under 1/2" even without bedding. Best is she has 100% same POI under all shooting positions, just what one wants when hunting.
    Do you have a long or short action howa?

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    hi,it,s the long action model, i,m just back from the gunshop where i bought it and he tried a hogue stock but it was no use as it was of a short action,so i told the gundealer that i would try to sand off a little bit,just about 2mm to see how she shoots,the dealer says if that doesn,t cure it then he will get me a new one.

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    The standard hogue stock is just as bendy, it needs to be the one with the full bedding block. I ended up filling my hogue with epoxy, shoots fine now, but I had problems with drifting zero before. I'll be replacing the stock at some point...

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