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    I have had a feed problem with my Marlin since new, loading from the mag tube, the round would pick up & then go halfway through the cycle, stopping until the lever was backed off slightly & then carried on through the cycle, tipping the rifle slightly leftwards would help too, I trawled the net & landed on the Marlin owners club site, found the fix within a few minutes, simple matter of gently bending the extractor claw away from the bolt body, cartridges go through now like a Sako turnbolt. Result.
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    There's some good stuff on that site

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    Shame one has to resort to such things on a new rifle. Just goes to show how quality of manufacture has dropped despite all the new fangled computer jobbies being used. Hopefully yours is an original Marling and not Marlington.

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    Yes Kev, It's a JM, but still rough for all that,
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    That is a shame to hear. They used to be on Quality Control but i have not looked at nor handled one for years now. Had a 38/257 slot open several times but always found something else instead to swapped the slot. Kept the brass in case too although the dies seem to have been lost or lent out not to be returned. Don't really know what happened to them but they went AWOL years ago and before the infamous raid.

    One of the clubs I belonged to down south had a club Rossi in 38/257 and it shot very well and was very slick indeed. I recall shooting fig 12's on the ETR range at 400 yards with it and some Winchester factory ammo and once the hold over was found it took the 12 down every time and this was 38 Spl not 357 magnum ammunition. The membership sec had an 1895 in 45/70 and that too was pretty slick but that was over 3 decades back now.

    The had competitions back then just for under lever carbines in the club so most members had one. Marlins were the choice Winchesters there.

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