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Thread: Glasgow Binocular Repair

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    Glasgow Binocular Repair

    I sent my Optolyth draw telescope off to Glasgow Binocular Repair for a service and clean. While it was with them they spotted some problem with the prism and so we decided to replace it as well. Despite having to send to Germany for the parts the scope arrived back with me yesterday after less than 3 weeks. It now looks, works and produces an image like a new scope and in my view the cost was very reasonable indeed.

    If you have a draw scope such as the Optolyth that needs work or is getting a little dirty inside then I can recommend the good folks in Glasgow, if you get it off to them now it should be back before the season starts. It also gives some confidence if you are buying from ebay or similar that most faults and problems can be fixed allowing you to buy into good optics at a fraction of the cost of buying a new scope..

    I have no connection with them other than that they did a good job on my scope and I thought this info might be useful to others, contact details are:

    Glasgow Binocular Repairs
    4th Floor
    93 Hope Street
    G2 6LD
    Tel: 01412487179
    For self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis please visit:

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    I can second that having had work done by them. Its is good to see something positive being said about service you get. I remember an old boss of mine telling me, do a good job for someone and they tell a couple of folk, do a bad job for them and they tell the world.

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    Have used them going back at least ten years, possibly more

    Never a problem, they do a great job

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    Used em last year after my cheapo binos got "little girl`d" down the stairs
    Sorted sharpish and for very good money

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    Used them for Zeiss Jena binos, very good job, promptly done, reasonable price

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    So roughly how much to service a draw tube?

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    Used them when my zeiss fell from quad all new parts fitted ,and serviced great service from these people shotz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grouse Track View Post
    So roughly how much to service a draw tube?
    If no parts were needed and just a service around 60-70 just had mine done its like new.Turn around about 5 working days great service.

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    For my 30X80 Optolyth a full service and clean was quoted at about 66 including return postage. Because it needed a prism it cost more in the end but I still thought it was reasonable for the work done.
    For self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis please visit:

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    They did a good job for to top service
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