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Thread: A bit confused??

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    A bit confused??

    Hi everyone, I have just recived my firearms cert in the post today. I am a member of a gun club so on my FAC it says that gun and ammo to be used only for target shooting while a member at my club.
    I want to do deer stalking when I buy my .308 rifle. Can I still deer stalk? Or because it says target shooting only have I got to only use them at my club??

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    hi mty
    book a stalk and get it in writing that you have paid for said stalk, then send the letter along with your own letter that you request that deer be added as part of your cert as long as cal is a min for deer, if you are new to shooting thay may request you get someone to sit on your shoulder for some field traning first.
    or just use an estate rifle as at the mo your cert is for club target shooting only.

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    If that is what it says then you cannot use your rifle for deer stalking as it is only conditioned for target shooting. Also you will not have authority to purchase and hold expanding ammunition.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Thanks for the advice guys. Will get some experience with the estate rifle first and get some stalks under my belt before I ask for stalking to be put on my licence.

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