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    Hi All.
    How long should one hang say a roe carcass for personal consumption? Assuming I have a dry, frost free shed - no cooler facilities - over the winter months so flies would not be a problem. Any other treatment ie keep the ribs splayed open for air circulation? keep the skin on etc.
    Thanks very much

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    I'm just reading a book on Deer Butchery which covers all aspects of carcass handling and meat processing. Although it's aimed at the American market and deer such as the whitetail, it should be very similar for roe.

    The book advocates 4 - 8 days of hanging or 'aging' before the meat must be eaten or frozen.

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    If Its an old beast i leave for just over a week if its a young beast 4-5 days As roe really doesn't have fats to protect it i leave her in the skin that is just a personal thing. The carcase is open from neck to anus, opening up the pelvic girdle the lot.

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    It all depends on the weather. In summer if you don't have a cooler I wouldn't leave it any longer than 36 hours (the time it takes rigor mortis to set in & drop out). If it's cold, you can get away with 10 days or so. Using a chest spreader to open the carcase and allow it to cool quickly is always a good idea. A muslin body bag to keep the flies off is a good idea as they always seem to get in somehaow.

    I don't really believe that you need to hang venison long, the taste is good without leaving it to age long! Certainly if you walk into the shed and get the slightest whiff of decay it's time to get on and butcher & freeze.

    Better yet, try and get hold of an old upright chiller. Fit a hanging bar and take all the worry out of storing your carcases!

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    Hanging/aging isn't just about flavour, it's also about having the meat firm up. Steve.

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    I do only have very limited experiance of this, i'm sure there are others who will have way more but....

    I had my first roe last year in november time, similar situation in that i hung it in the shed. Wrapped it in a sheet (muslin would have been better) and left it for 5 days in its skin.

    Then i butchered it (which took me ages). That all said it was bloody fantastic! Tender as anything and really tastey but not too strong. I've not tasted venison thats has been hung for ages but if its anything like game birds then the flavour gets really strong and a bit too much.

    In short i'd say 5 days (only if the weather is cold!) in its skin and you should be fine. If its warm i'd reduce the hang time as previously said.

    hope it helps


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