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Thread: kei river 2

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    kei river 2

    after a great time last year thought some of you would be interested in a few photos of my second trip the other week
    Attachment 29572

    Attachment 29573

    Attachment 29575

    Attachment 29576

    Attachment 29577

    Attachment 29578

    Attachment 29579

    Attachment 29580

    i love it at kei river even the missus shot a vervet monkey cant wait till next year

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    Cracking photos mate, looks like a trip to remember!

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    Hi, class photos ,just returned from the kei area on saturday hunted with with wild horizon again had a great time only down side it was cold ,best regards graeme

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    Good photo's, those blue monkey balls made me smile. How far did the animals run when you shot them with a bow (just interested)?

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    the missus thought they were highly amusing, nothing went more than 50 yards all shots under 25 yards with bow no hide shooting just spot and stalk great fun

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    Congrats, some really great pictures!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Thanks can't wait till next year I love it there


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