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Thread: Web browsers

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    Web browsers

    For those of us who experience problems navigating this site, what browsers are in use, I just changed back to Firefox from Windows, as I had used it on the old pc, & surprise surprise, this site is now as slick as a Sako bolt slide!

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    I use firefox at work and explorer at home, i have issues with both.

    the dreaded 500 Internal server error

    I just click "back" and then re-try, seems to do it ok for me. Annoying but then no more frustrating that the slowness of my broadband

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    Firefox... It's a lot better than it was - very few double posts now, and only the occasional "500 Internal server error"

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    I downloaded Firefox earlier today and are so impressed with it that I have just removed Internet Explorer. Good riddance to Bill Gates' scamware, just need the courage to get rid of his operating system!

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    Does Finnbear have a Sako by any chance deerwarden

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    It's my precious!

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    Safari 4.0.3 and I have problems!

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    Run with a Mac and dump those antiquated machines called pc's and all of Billy boy's bundled software rubbish.

    Hairybiker....take the deer by the head and jump in with both feet and dump Billyboy's plastic. I promise you won't be disappointed. Been running Mac's for well over 20 years and have never picked up a virus ! Yeh..I agree they are more expensive but the time saved in not having to mess about with the machine more than makes up for it. The latest machines with dual core processors are terrific.

    I run Firefox and Safari on Macs (4 of them inc. the girl's machines)...I did occasionally have minor glitches with the directory with Safari but regularly emptying the cache helps. Firefox appears to have no problems with very fast downloading.


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    Just got through re formatting this drive completely to a still in the box state, re installed Firefox, & I have experienced a massive improvement in the navigation on here, Not sure if it's just quiet on site or what? Steve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pippa
    Firefox... It's a lot better than it was - very few double posts now, and only the occasional "500 Internal server error"
    After the site was "tweaked" a while ago there was a marked improvement but of late i have found the server error creaping back in more and more and we have windows.

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