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Thread: Help with my son's studies, please.

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    Help with my son's studies, please.

    My son has just completed his GCSEs, and will ne starting studying for A-levels in September. He then hopes to study Rural Estate & Land Management at Harper Adams.

    He's recently been shortlisted for a small financial bursary, awarded by the college where he'll be doing his A-levels. The award is to be used to assist students in attaining their goals.

    If successful, he'd like to spend part of the fund on travelling to visit a couple of large country estates, with a view to spending a day or two in the company of the land agent / factor, to gain a bit of insight into what's involved in managing the sporting, agricultural and property intetests of a big estate.

    Is there anyone on here who'd be in a position to help?

    The interview for the bursary will take place on Monday, and it would ne good if he could tell them that he has some contacts to follow up.


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    vss,while i am not in a position to help sadly, I do know of a specialist grant set up to help and promote further learning/training to all walks of life,and may prove an asset for your son with his studies,whether is chooses to persue his carrer in this country or another,this grant may help with some form of funding.I know of at least two people who have had this busary,and their experience has been excellent,I could also give you the name of a member who has a lot more knowledge than me.

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    Thanks. We'll look into that.
    The main thing at the moment is for him to be able to demonstrate that he's done a bit of research prior to Monday's interview.

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    Contact Strut & Parker at Chester they may be able to help with work experience as they are Land Agents for Lord Tollemache Peckforton estate in Cheshire. Hope this helps.


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    I may be able to help, message sent.

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    Strutt's also have (certainly did when I won it) a scholarship fund as well- 10 years ago it was 1k for those doing realm courses at ciren / harper.
    ​might be worth seeing if they still do it

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    If he likes to see a bit about the German way...

    He is always more than welcome!


    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Well, he had the interview on Monday, and letter from the college today to say he'd been successful!
    Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and offers of help.

    Wildboar1973, what is it that you do in Germany? Are you involved in estate management? Might be good for him to have a look...

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    Hi VSS!
    I am managing private owned forests in the Northwest of Germany. In some of these areas I also take over the hunting or the hunting management. Here we do have a very strong relationship between managed forests and (deer) hunting.....


    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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