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    hi everyone im Dan, 37 gsoh, stalker, a legal one, I live in Lincolnshire.
    cohabiting with two children.
    I shoot a .243 rem mainly fallow

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    welcome Dan, where abouts in lincs are you from?

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    hi Ziggy. I live in a small village 10 miles east of Grantham called Newton. are you in lincs?

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    gainsborough! ive just seen

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    yes bud, im a bit further north than you though, im at gainsborough, just past Lincoln. occasionally get down that end of the county for a bit of stalking and fox shooting

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    plenty of foxes to be had around here! I look after 2500 acres around here for vermin and deer control, so keeps me very busy.
    do you have a lot of deer in your erea?

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    not up here but where I visit to help some friends out at the south of the county they certainly have plenty of everything to go at. they don't rifles so I get to go down and look after that side of things. do you clay shoot at all? I only ask as you have two cracking grounds near to you in grimsthorpe and orston

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    hi john, nice dog. whats its favourite food?

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    no I don't do any clay shooting. but yes they are very good grounds

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