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Thread: Game Tomorrow

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    Game Tomorrow

    So folks, what do we reckon to the Lions selsction and likely out come for tomorrow?


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    Gatland seems to have picked the best available team. Neither team have given much away for us to go on, but I would suggest a narrow Lions win. Apparently weather will not be great. Dama

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    Always feel nervous and hate to predict in case I jinx it (superstitious old bugger) But Gatland has selected a good pack and with the starting 8 and the guys on the bench hopefully the girls will get a bit of good ball to run with.

    ​My worry is the lineout, WTF has been happening in the warm up games?

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    The lineout is a big worry and Youngs is not the best thrower! We may live to regret that selection! He should have taken an extra stand-off as well. I don't know what James Hook has done to annoy Gatland but even Geech can't understand why he wasn't selected.


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    nothing wrong with the pack ,youngs is a bit wayward at times but great around the pitch ,looking forward to the game .

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    I think it is too close to call but I hope its the Lions. One thing that has annoyed me this week is all the papers saying how the Australians lack match practice. They said the same about the South Africans in 2009 only for us to get blown away in the first test and the South Africans to inform us after that they had been playing full 80 minute games against the South African A Team in the weeks running up to the 1st Test. I very much doubt the Australians have been sitting around watch our warm up matches on TV. The fact we've not played the Australian A Team makes we wonder whether they are playing each other.

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    Not ideal but a wins a win .
    Better to have failed again than to have lifted someones leg

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    Too tight to be comfortable but a win is a win. Lions scrum was good first half and Youngs seems to have sorted his throw. George North was immense.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    Well I was wrong about Youngs. Didn't think an awful lot of the ref though. Typical NZ ref. Perhaps the lions management should have a quiet word along the lines of "We don't expect favours, bu we do expect fairness! Next tour could be to Argentina!"


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    though i signed into a deer stalking web page .but again some people put posts on about things not slightly connected to this sports.why put posts on about rubgy? if you went on a rugby forum i would not expect someone to ask about deer stalking

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