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Thread: Muntjac are Nails!

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    Muntjac are Nails!

    I just skinned out a Muntjac doe that I shot earlier in the week. She was walking around normally and feeding along a grassy ride. I noticed she had a twisted foot which stuck out to one side when I inspected the hooves and could see that the leg had been broken just above the hoof and healed. She was a good weight and carrying a foetus of about 20cm nose to tail.
    When skinned I couldn't believe what I found! Both front legs had been badly broken in several places but had all healed in relatively straight lines. They looked like classic RTA injuries which I can only assume happened at the same time. How many other species of deer could bounce back from that kind of trauma to lead a normal life?
    They really are born survivors eh?

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    Never ceases to amaze me just how tough and resilient deer are.

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    I have had a Roe buck with a broken jaw in 2 places (presumed RTA/wing mirror?) recover and then walk into a rabbit snare so as to amputate (I kid not) just above the hoof on a front leg.
    Good body weight and all else ok - no obvious reason for limping until he was culled. Only then was the hoof noted.
    The jaw came out after a clean up of the skull - broken on the jawline and at the pivot point.....

    Many years ago I have also observed yearling fawns with the lower front legs shot off recover with hard pads of skin and survive very well!


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    hi. I shot a fallow doe that had a very bad limp, when I got to her she had bone outside her hide on her foreleg yet it was completely heeled.
    had I not shot her im sure she would have been around around with no probs for a long time!!
    born survivors all deer are!!

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    I shot a roe buck a few years ago with a compound fracture and the weirdest pattern in the break but he was still getting around ok, amazing what they can endure!


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    Had a roe buck on my shoot with a broken and twisted back leg and on a number of occasions I had phone calls to tell me when it was about. Every time I got there it would be hobbling about but every time the gun came out off it flew, I would have bet on it against then Queens horse in the gold cup!

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    I had a member of staff that bruised a finger and had a week off ! It never ceases to amaze me just how tough our unions are

    Now going for cover, early stalk Am

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    I shot one last year that was sheltering under a pheasant shelter. The keeper had told me that it was injured but still moved about. I stalked into it and it was exactly where she said it would be. It was couched down and looked ok but a quick head shot made certain. That one also had two broken legs but a front and a back on the same side. It had a belly full of corn from a nearby feeder. The back leg had fused and was useable again. The front leg was never going to recover:
    Attachment 29639Attachment 29640
    There was no infection and the deer was otherwise healthy. I suspect that if left, the foot would eventually fall off and the bone would wear down to be eventually covered by a fleshy pad? I've shot others with legs missing that had a black flesh covered stump. This one also had all of its ribs broken as well as both legs!

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    There are always soldiers who are off sick with sand in their fanny's. They would be ashamed of themselves if they read this thread! (and that's just the male soldiers!)

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    Shot a smallish roe buck a few weeks ago, and it wasn't until I was butchering it that I realised it had ancient baling twine deeply embedded in the flesh of its neck. The skin and flesh had completely grown over it - must have been there for most of its life.

    How on earth these animals survive is beyond me.

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