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Thread: Changing rifle so rebuilding ammo

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    Changing rifle so rebuilding ammo

    Marathon case prep session!

    Pulled 120 bullets (Hornady puller) de-primed with Lee Universal, cleaned necks, lube with Universal wax and full length resized the lot.

    Found another 50 deprimed cases in the drawer so resized them as well.

    Dumped them in the ultrasonic in water with a dash of Birchwood Casey cleaner.

    10 minutes later, dumped them in the chip pan (one I keep for rinsing cases) and laid them out on the bench for a blast from the electric hot air gun.

    Tomorrow will bring another mammoth session of case trimming, neck turning about half of them, primer pocket cleaning (again about half) and flash hole uniforming.

    ​Bloody good job I'm retired!

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    Why?! so long as you're happy

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    Because the rounds were at near maximum pressure in the old rifle and may have been excessive in the new.

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    sounds a wise move to me...

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    Excuse my ignorance, can you de-prime a live primed case ?

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    I must have done it thousands of times, but with precautions.

    Turn the shell holder so that the open side faces away from you.

    Use minimum thrutch.

    Safety specs.

    ​Strap, supporting, Scottish.

    Safely dispose of the primers (mineral oil on the priming compound).

    Edited to add - I personally am happy to do this but am not advising anyone else to do likewise.
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    I would have tried one first, when they are proofed they test them way past the limit apparently

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    Charadam, dont carry out anymore reloading untill you have determined that your current brass will fit your new rifle other wise you will have gone to all that trouble for nothing.
    Using brass from one chamber to another seldom works because the web area just above the extractor groove never gets re-sized and because of this you may have problems closing the bolt.
    Personally i have a moto "new rifle new brass"

    Regards ian.

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    Understood, but I have a vernier caliper and have measured my brass against SAAMI dimensions, using a surface plate and height gauge to be accurate to a thou.

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    Your brass could still be tight even if within saami specs, look at it this way the the tightest chamber within spec has to deal with the largest dia case within tolerence, if your old rifle has a chamber towards the top end of the tolerence and your new rifle has a chamber at the lower end of the tolerence brass fired in your old chamber is going to be tight, even if you have full length resized because the web area just infront of the extractor groove never contacts the re-sizing die.


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