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Thread: This years crop

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    This years crop

    These have been seen on our hunting ground and now they visit my feeder. These 8 young are the offspring of 2. sows Another litter has been seen as well with about another 6 piglets.
    So from just a couple visiting the feeder last winter to this lot. The dogs are in for a bit of fun this year.

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    Thought i put a photo up. Here it is.

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    A lovely sight to see.. Are you coming over for any more courses this year?

    ​regards, Jez
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Hej Jez, Talking to Mark the other evening and it looks like the next course will be early next year? Hunting starts middle of next month then I'm busy hunting till the end of January next year

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    Right on, keep me posted.. Hope you have a good season hunting!
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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