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Thread: Raptor Persecution Scotland paranoia

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    Raptor Persecution Scotland paranoia

    Despite having previously been a keeper and seeing on numerous occasions birds of prey eating my grouse / pheasant chicks (not their fault, they have to eat) I have a soft spot for raptors and admire them when I see them outdoors.

    Having just had the misfortune of following a link and then reading the page below however, I see that the raptor persecution scotland group have brought paranoia to a whole new level and dont do pro raptor organisations any favours what so ever.

    Police conspiracies, collusion with the government etc etc are all to be found in their lunatic rantings.

    Unfortunately about a third of the way down I wanted to put my foot through the laptop screen so stopped reading so I dont know what happened at the end of the blog

    Any how, does any one know of a more paranoid organisation connected with the country side?

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    I had a quick look but like yourself stopped before throwing the laptop out the window.
    Typical anti-gameshooting b******s

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    Unfortunately, this site only exists because a minority break the law. I was amazed to see that RSPB were getting the blame for not mounting a 24 hr vigil at the recent WTE nest incident!

    This RPS site is pretty extreme and run a fine line when it comes to liable! The media has been awash with incidents over the last few months, many concerning usual suspects. I do think that we are getting somewhere and SLE and SGA are not getting the credit they deserve as they have publicly denounced and ejected convicted members.

    would be great to see an end to it!

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    Don't worry about it... somewhere in the middle of the hype and glory quest there is some bits of relevant summary but it just gives us notice that some people do things that they really shouldn't. If those few that break the law didn't they wouldn't have anything to sensationalise

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    This site is just as bad- Raptor Politics. If all illegal persecution stopped tomorrow these guys would still find something to sensationalise. They have even started to blame each other for nest failures and I think they are right. Too many monitoring visits to nests causes desertion and many of these raptor workers are so obsessed with being the first to find a nest that multiple visits occur by different groups. They often do more harm than good.
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    I follow RPS on Twitter, they seem to think every keeper/land owner is destroying raptors and their nest for the benefit of shooting. They regularly sail close to the wind, it's got them in bother before now too.

    they could stir **** in an empty room
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    The RSPB are the worst for sensationalism in their annual reports their figures never add up to the facts if a raptor is found dead anywhere shooters get the blame. Yet wont blame domestic cats for the number of garden birds killed as they are terrified of upsetting Granny who's going to leave them her estate.

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    Annoying, but ultimately interesting read.

    23000 signatures to a petition in pretty short order - those numbers will attract and potentially hold a politician's attention. The 3" lock knife E petition I mentioned last week, that has been running a 6 months already - er 8 votes.

    History shows that volume aces fact and morality in human interactions time after time!

    Also interesting to note tactics - few websites quoted, instead e mail addresses - with obvious lead in to get writing to the addresses published. These guys are motivated, add in making action easy and you get mass results. Meanwhile we are still arguing over whether 243 is 'man enough'

    Also highlights that two wrongs - just add up to the tarring of a whole industry. This far on there simply is no excuse. But the one that exists - I fear - is that the land owners demand results without wishing to 'know' the details.

    We can decry the ineffectiveness of representative bodies, but do we as individuals actually deserve something more?

    A bit ironic, but the phrase ' not with a bang... but a whimper' seems ever more appropriate...
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    Check the Shooting Times of 19th June.

    The rspb's "conservation director" Martin Harper admitted that in 2011 / 2012 they had culled 292 crows, destroyed 76 gull nests, shot three lesser black backed gulls, oiled 73 greylag goose eggs, oiled 25 Canada goose eggs and destroyed 195 introduced barnacle goose eggs. The last item was apparently "to reduce the impact of aggressive behaviour towards nesting species of conservation concern".

    Nice bit of conservation there Martin, or should that be hypocrisy?.
    Apparently he wrote a blog on predator control "in the interests of openness".
    More likely it was to pre-empt a Freedom of Information Act request by any shooting organisations.

    According to the CA, the rspb also admits that in 2011 it obtained a licence to destroy the eggs of black swans. No further details of this were given

    I think the rspb has a bit of a god complex.
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    The RSPB's moors have the worst raptor survival rates in the country! If the problem is all about persecution does this mean they are the biggest persecutors of them all!


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