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Thread: missiles or amunition??

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    missiles or amunition??

    Hi everyone,

    I've recently taken up home loading and need to get my certificate changed to allow me to buy more expanding missiles/ amunition as I can't posses or purchase enough on my current certificate at the moment.

    On my application form what should I put down missiles or amunition? On the form it makes a reference to both??

    I would like to still be able to buy factory ammo as if I'm away stalking and I need more rounds I don't intend on taking my reloading gear aswell

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi mty put down both and exp bullets so that way you not only get all covered, you get more ammo if you get my drift ihave had dealers also request the metric and , inches so say 243 is 6mm etc that way again all bets covered

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