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Thread: Dta srs

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    Dta srs

    Hi just wandering if anyone owns or has shot a SRS it seems to be amazing with accuracy and the switch barrle.
    Also what would you rather have a custom built rifle of the SRS

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    Ive shot a couple of them in different barrel configurations.

    The bull pup design is appealing, the trigger, bolt cycle and my own experiences behind the trigger struck it off my list for a tactical rifle.

    At the time I owned a AI AW, which I changed for a Blaser Tac 2

    Im now back with AI and will stay there, ,,,

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    Friend of mine has one in 6.5x47. Looks are subjective but are not to my taste, Trigger was, in my opinion, appalling for such a high cost Rifle but he has had it worked on and is now better but is no Jewell. It is however capable of near Bench Rest Accuracy. Shoots 130 Bergers into tiny groups. The Lad is a truly exceptional shot and i keep telling him to take it to Diggle but he just enjoys doing his own thing.


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    I like them but they are heavy and overpriced for what they are IMO , they certainly seem to shoot well but the triggers I tried weren't anywhere near good enough ? Ultimately I think you could have a semi custom rifle built for yourself for less money and it would be exactly what you want ? Unless you want a heavy expensive bullpup !

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    Good rifle but crap mags.

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    Do these come up second hand at all?

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    Second hand? Not that I've seen.
    My friend is currently awaiting his having ordered it in November. Contact Ewan Campbell of Bench Grade Brands.
    I've shot one and loved it, not finding the trigger on it that bad, quite nice to be honest.
    Its horses for courses isn't it?
    You live and learn........
    .........or you don't live long

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