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Thread: Meindl Antarktis Or Blackislander Boots

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    Meindl Antarktis Or Blackislander Boots

    Anyone had any experience with them? Looking for a new pair of boots to be used on a daily basis.



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    I bought a pair two weeks ago. First impressions are they are really good. Warm,comfy and water tight. All that you really need in a boot.


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    Had a pair for about 6 or 7 years. They don't get heavy use anymore, but certainly have had plenty of wear. The soles are like new, the leather has surface cracking in a few creases, but they are still totally watertight. I have never had cold feet in them. They took a while to 'bed in', but are now very comfortable. They offer just enough ankle support without being too high. I'd buy another pair anytime, but I don't see me doing so as I just can't wear mine out!

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    I have had a pair for about a year, and I would get another pair again if needed. They are very warm, light and silent.

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    Been looking at the Blackislander boots now they say that you dont have to maintain them like leather boots no to me this sounds great as I wear my boots most days and I realy dont have time to clean them then and put wax on them. So my question is what would you go for the Meindl Antarktis or Blackislander boots?



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    Beno, thread on boots recently, lots of replies/ recommendations, it's in here somewhere mate.

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    I looked at the Blackhighlander boots at Moy Show and if I had been needing boots at the time, I would have bought them.
    The "no maintenance" is very appealing.

    Cant comment on the Meindl, never owned them.

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    Dioto boots

    Hi , i have used the Blackislander boots for over a year now and can honestly say they are the best boots i have ever had but i am doubtful of the no maintainance tag and clean and waterproof them weekly.


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    Had the Meindle boots for 4 yrs, wear them at work and whilst out stalking, no wear on soles, some light cracking on upper.

    Very comfortable, waterproof, warm in cold weather.

    Would buy another pair tomorrow if I needed new boots.

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    mendel goretex lined good boots but have found my self on my but on a few ocasons. have found the sole has know grip on wet rocks stone bolders etc which was surprising as the ones i have are the high leg stalkers .recomended by lots of gamekeepers stalkers mabey they just dont like my hill other than that boots a brill if i can stay upright in them

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