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Thread: truck insurance for teen

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    truck insurance for teen

    hello all, im thinking of getting a navara king cab for stalking and lamping, to those who have them what do you think. off road capability, fuel ride etc, also what's your insurance price and provider? im expecting mine to be high as im only 19. got a quote for 1400 from Aviva but im only paying 550 on my pegeout 308 at the moment, hope to hear from you, many thanks

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    Is that fully comp? If so then it doesn't seem at all bad to me when you hear about horror stories of young drivers your age getting screwed with quotes for thousands!

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    A neighbour of mine is your age and got 1400 on a 1 litre Navarra, on of my pupils put my GTTDi details in for a quote for him and got 6500. Yours sounds reasonable.

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    1400 seems quite cheap for your age. I'm almost 21 and can't go on the insurance for my dads l200 as the quote is well over 2000 plus I wouldn't drive it enough to justify paying that.

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    Saw a young lad the other day, driving a Porsche Cayenne, with "R" plates up.

    Must be costing a fortune for cover.

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    Done a quote last year for me to be insured on the Subaru wrx, import. Couldn't believe the quotes from go compare, there was only 2 insurance companies with quotes, one was the post office at 10125 a year and another at 9270. So decided I would just keep driving it on private roads tracks on the estate.
    All my insurance seems quite expensive, but I'm not sure why.


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    Your quote sounds good but navara wouldn't be my choice. We've had a couple at work and had no end of trouble with them compared to the l200's and hiluxs we have. Off road they're all pretty similar, the main thing is good tyres. Good luck.

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    I'm 21 mate and insure a range rover vogue as a second shooting car with Adrian flux as its a second car I don't have any no claims for it, it's still only 436 a year fully comp. I'd seriously suggest you use them

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