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    Spotting scope

    Im not wanting to spend a fortune on a new swarovski/leica as it wont get the use but would be happy with the old swarovski draw scope if anyone knows of any or something similar?

    I have looked at the cheaper ones (up to 150) but would rather put that money towards a better quality scope.


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    I recently bought an Optolyth 30X80 on ebay and posted my reports plus a recent report on having it cleaned and serviced by the Glasgow Binocular Repair people, do a search. In summary I've been very impressed with the Optolyth and the people in Glasgow can repair most problems at reasonable money so even if you buy a 2nd hand one that needs some work it will probably not break the bank. Your budget might not take you to the 30X80 but the smaller objective size Optolyths go on ebay for around the 150 mark.

    For a few months there the price of draw spotting scopes on ebay had gone mad with Nickel and Hertel and Reuss scopes making towards 300 and sometimes even more.

    These scopes are worth around the 50 - 100 range, perhaps 120 for a very good one, in good condition with their carrying case. Both Hertel and Reuss and Nickel get a good reputation for their spotting scopes but I've had no experience of them so far, but have a Hertel and Reuss on its way that I bought recently for about 60 complete with case.

    I did ask around on here and after I got the Optolyth several people offered Nickels and similar, some in great condition and for very reasonable money, so there are a few about, just don't get caught into paying the silly money they were doing on ebay for a while. My experience of watching prices has been that, generally speaking, the 30X80 Optolyths make around 250 - 350. The smaller objective single draw Optolyths (30X75 for example) seem to make around 150 - 200.

    I did recently get a play with a Swaro draw scope. It was in good condition but certainly wasn't new and was probably quite a few years old and in need of a clean etc. I thought that the image wasn't as good as out of my Optolyth but am sure with a bit of work it could be improved. Bear in mind that most of these scopes will be 30 - 40 years old so they might require some TLC but on the other hand they are unlikely to lose much more value so you could always sell if you don't like it.

    Hopefully that gives you some more ideas. As an aside mine has been good fun and I enjoy lying up and watching what is moving on the ground out in front, even if just for general wildlife watching.
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    Cheers for that caorach, gives me a bit more knowledge

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