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Thread: Full custom .260 rem package

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    Full custom .260 rem package

    Hi All, I currently have my newly re-barrelled Full Custom .260 Rem away for proofing. But a sudden change in shooting/financial circumstances is forcing me to very reluctantly put it up for sale along with a full reloading and cleaning setup.


    Stiller Predator, Short Action .308 Bolt Face with Stiller Rail and Recoil Lug.
    Krieger Stainless Barrel, 24" finished length, 1:8 Twist, Varmint Profile, Screw Cut with Cap, Bead Blasted and will have only fired proofing rounds.
    Jewelled Trigger.
    AICS Short Action Stock, Green, 1.5 Non Folding with Adjustable Cheek Piece and a 5 Shot .308 Magazine.
    PES Stainless Moderator.
    Accuracy International Sling.
    Warne 30mm High Stainless Rings.


    Redding .260 Full Length Die Set. New
    Redding Micrometer Seating Head for above Dies. New
    Hornady .260 Comparator Insert. New
    Hornady .260 Modified Case. New
    Hornady 6.5mm 129gr SST Heads (x200)
    Nosler 6.5mm 120gr Ballistic Tip Heads (x150)


    Pro Shot Cleaning Rod. New
    Pro Shot Brass Stop for above Rod. New
    Pro Shot Bronze Brush. New
    Pro Shot Spear Tip Jag. New

    The rifle was originally built in 6mmbr and I only used it for Roe Stalking not range work and it had only seen about 150 rounds, so the Action and Moderator have seen little use. I was offered some Red Stalking thus the change in caliber, but that has fallen through along with a change in financial circumstances.

    Looking for 2000 for ALL of the above and would prefer to sell as a complete package. Any RFD transfers extra.

    Will post photos once back from Proof House, but please feel free to PM me for any further details.



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    All PM's replied too



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    Thanks for your reply to my PM. The PM system will not let my reply to you at the moment. Trying to sort, just did not want you to think I was being ignorant.

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    Rifle now just back from proof house.

    Warne rings now replaced with Third Eye Tactical 30mm rings.

    Sorry unable to load photos, but please PM with your email and I will forward then on.



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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20130708_170705.jpg 
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Size:	335.8 KB 
ID:	30414Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20130708_170938.jpg 
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Name:	20130708_171133.jpg 
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ID:	30416Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20130708_171532.jpg 
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Name:	20130708_172015.jpg 
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Name:	20130708_172604.jpg 
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Name:	20130708_172805.jpg 
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Name:	20130709_112429.jpg 
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Name:	20130709_112716.jpg 
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Name:	20130709_112935.jpg 
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ID:	30423

    At last photos added.



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    hi, is your rifle still for sale? if so where are you placed and can you contact me

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    Tasty tasty!
    Owning a gun or knife and not using it, is akin to not sleeping with your girlfriend to keep her neat and tidy for the next bloke.

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    Hi would you consider selling the dies ?

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