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Thread: Passed Level 1!

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    Passed Level 1!

    Not sure if anyone remembers, but when I was looking to buy a Level 1 manual a few people were keen to know how I got on.

    Well I'm pleased to say I did it assessment only last weekend with the BDS up at Ilkley.

    For a warts and all breakdown, here goes:

    I slightly pulled a shot on my first attempt at the 4 inch zeroing target, so repeated the 3 shots and passed 2nd attempt

    I passed the 3 positions shooting at the deer target and was very pleased with my grouping

    For the written tests I achieved 19/20 in id, 49/50 on the written asessment and 37/40 on the large game and hygiene.

    I'm obviously very pleased and have a massive thankyou to say to ash243 and Gez for all the help they have provided me with.

    Also big congratulations to Waldini who was there with me and also passed with flying colours.


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    Congrats to you both

    I really enjoyed my level one and met some great fellas that have kept in touch


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    thanks for the heads up on your progress well done

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    Well done always gives you a sense of achievement when you pass a test you worked hard for, congratulations

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    Congratulations. 8) I passed mine 3 or 4 weeks ago and had the certificate through the post yesterday (along with a nifty wee badge )

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    Congratulations to you both.

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    Well done novice no stopping you now mate.

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    well done to you both,good luck for the future.

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