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Thread: .22lr CB long

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    .22lr CB long

    Does anyone use it?..opinions please.



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    Have used it, very, very quiet, will not function in a semi-auto (obviously), but fine in the bolt.
    At ranges beyond 20m it does not group consistently well enough for me to provide confidence (having bullets spread up to 3" at times), although does pack quite a punch. Shot Woodies with it mostly, from above.

    The 40gr CCI HP segmenting are so good (subsonic) that I use these for ranges out to 100m very confidently on small game. For shorter ranges, such as the effective range of this bullet I would use a near 12ft/lb air rifle.
    Some refer to CB as 'good fun' but feel it is dangerous to think of them in this way as they will still penetrate 1/2 inch plank at 30yds, but without the certainty of accuracy...
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    I concour with rickoshay , quiet but no accuracy beyond about 20m

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickoShay View Post

    The 40gr CCI HP segmenting are so good (subsonic) that I use these for ranges out to 100m very confidentially on small game. .

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    I tried some cb long through my Anschutz and got the same results as above. An FAC airgun is a lot better.

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    Thanks for replies all.

    The reason I was asking is that Bruce Potts mentioned cci cb long cartridges in a rifle review in this weeks shooting times.
    He said that they gave 741fps & 35 ft/lb,were like shooting an fac air rifle and "are great for ferals and rats around barns".

    I've used a 12ft/lbs air rifle against grey squirrels and found it wanting in terms of power. A shotgun, even a .410, is too noisy in the problem location.
    I thought the judicious...and I stress the word judicious before anyone gets excited...use of cb longs might be the solution as people use fac air rifles for squirrels.

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    After I started using these in my old Sako Finnfire I got rid of the FAC air slot on my FAC - quite simply it made any FAC air rile redundant.

    Excellent rat round. Still use normal subs for squirrels and larger but rats nothing better.

    Put simply the amount of air required to push pellets out to 35ft/lbs creates so much sound it is very difficult to suppress. CB longs through any std rf mod are so quiet you make more noise with your trigger finger than the round produces. They don't ricochet like the heavier subs so are ideal in barns and farm yards.

    I swear by them but there will some FAC air aficionados along soon to tell me I'm talking rubbish. Each to their own (bear in mind I own several air rifles and love them all) but FAC air has no place in my cabs.

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    I used these about twenty or so years ago when CCI first brought them out and they came into UK. I found them excellent, very accurate in a good quality rifle (same group size out to twenty yards as regular ammunition) and in rifle barrels over 24" long less noise tham my BSA Airsporter.

    Deadly at twemty yards on squirrels. I don't know if the present day "recipe" has changed but they were no accuracy problems at twemty yards, as already. Noted. Of course point of impact was not the same and it was that reason I didn't persist with them.

    Too much bother to re-set sights from. Longer range use with stamdard ammunition.

    So went back to the Airsporter! But a dedicated firearm set up for them would be excellent.

    But how many have TWO .22LR rifles on an FAC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by enfieldspares View Post
    But how many have TWO .22LR rifles on an FAC?
    actually have three!
    one semi - admittedly not owned by me
    one bolt action 22" barrel
    one bolt action 14" barrel

    i used CB longs for a while, still have some.
    I found not significant difference in noise/report but all the downsides above.

    They worked fine for the purpose I bought them which was sub-15 yd foxes from a residential window

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    I tried a box of these in my Sako Finnfire. The only good thing I can say is that they were whisper quiet - less noise than a mouse breaking wind. Accuracy wise at 10yds was just about acceptable, at 20yds accuracy was absolutely shocking with a 2" group. I dont know why they should be sooo inaccurate, but I still have the target I was so appalled! In addition they would not cycle properly through the mag which was a PITA.

    Sorry to disagree with you Burpster, but IMHO (and it is only my opinion) any FAC Air Rifle (PCP) giving around 30fpe is going to be a better bet than using CB longs. It will be infinitely more accurate, have a much better trajectory and therefore be capable of shooting effectively at much further range. It will also almost certainly be safer due to probably less chance of richochet and the fact that the pellet will carry less energy at range.

    For sure I won't be bothering with these ever again.

    I also have three .22 rimfires on my certificate, (plus an FAC Air Rifle - BSA Superten) - one of the benefits of being a member of a club!
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