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Thread: Quantum firefly lazer infra red

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    Quantum firefly lazer infra red

    Hi I have a starlight nv quantum firefly lazer ir for sale it's brand new never been used Apparently best on the market spot foxes to 400yards plus with nv.
    Cost me 329 new open to sensible offers on it
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    open to offers boys

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    Is it variable beam and variable power? .....Sorry, I meant which of the variable beam versions is it?

    What is a sensible offer in your eyes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kezer9 View Post
    open to offers boys
    hi you had better put a price mate or the mods will delete this ad
    "7) Auction Style Adverts

    Please be aware that this is the classified section where items are bought and sold at an agreed price. If you want to attain the best price possible via an auction then please do so on e-bay, where they will be only too pleased to take your money for providing such a service. Items offered for sale on here will be offered with the price included, or not at all. Linking to your own auction on eBay is not allowed."

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    Hi it's not variable power put you can make the beam tighter or wider. Sorry about the price mix up I didn't realise
    i am looking for around 270 ovno it is a brand new unit

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    last pop before it goes on the dreaded bay 230 posted that's 100 of original price

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    200 posted if you still have it..

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