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Thread: Vihtavouri N540 for .243?

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    Vihtavouri N540 for .243?

    I've just started reloading with equipment I acquired from a chap who used to shoot bench rest, and with this equipment came some vihtavouri N540. I intend to use 100 grain heads for my .243 for roe. Has anyone used this powder with this caliber and was it any good?The lapua website says its fine but from research I've done, the 1 series powders are more common for the .243

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    Never used it myself but it is listed in the viht guide for 85 to 100 grain bullets.


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    from what I understand the 5 series powders are similar in burn rate but contain more residual energy.
    they appear to be useful for larger calibre Magnum cartridges.

    Not sure of the benefit of running it through a short action cartridge with a small calibre.

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    Thanks for the replies.
    I'm going to start with the lighter loads first and work my way up until it groups well and chronographs to be deer legal.
    I'll post my recepie on here when I've cracked it!

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