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Thread: sika cumbria

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    sika cumbria

    has anyone heard of sika in any area s of cumbria whilst out stalking sunday night i heard what could only be a sika stag whistle we have a lot of reds and roe but ive never seen or heard of any sika around us

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    Hi mate, yeh there's some in south cumbria. Someone said that one was shot down east of windermere and north of staveley. The most recent distribution map of sika is this one that support there being a good population in the south of cumbria.

    good luck

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    im in south cumbria not a million miles from windermere there was reports of one seen fairly local but from not a very trusting sorce ive never heard of them round here the closest being trough of bowland

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    There is definately a decent population at Bowland

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    I mainly stalk around the south Cumbria area, not heard of of the sika as yet apart from about two years ago there was one culled on F-C land apart from that i only know of the Bowland area for sika.
    If i here any more info i shall share it. I know of a couple of stalkers in that area.

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    sika in cumbria

    hi laurie walton who manages the deer for united utilities at thirlmere told me a couple of years ago that they had sika there
    tom :

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    The Bowland Sika do occasionally stray in to Cumbria and I saw a hind just north of K. Lonsdale last winter. The policy of the members of the North West DMG is to try and exlcude them spreading in to the county to protect the reds. As a native of Galloway and seeing what hybridisation has done there I hope we succeed!

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    brian , what you heard was a dying cat mate, you been walking about to many times on your own

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    when you get your inbred arse dwn and shoot the so called dying cat and it has antlers you may be a bit suprised try and get dwn this week the reds are bang on the rut

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    thursday looks good, I will give you a shout

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