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    english pointer

    Ok,pointer bitch nearly 4,runs,all day,eats,drinks,plays etc etc.When she jumps in the car or on the sofa she yelps,no yelp when jumping down.
    1 vets, checked all neck,head ,legs,pulled prodded,not a sound.
    2 course of pain killers[not sure why ]
    3 4weeks later stronger pain killers,no change.
    4 now we are told x ray wednesday more loot,still no diagnosis.
    5 I mentioned to my vet she was still a little swollen,after her last season,this seem to fall on deaf ears.
    Has anyone had anything similar,or any vets on hear,have any pointers as to what the problem may be, Kindest Regards Tony.

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    I'd be thinking lumbar spine or hind limb/pelvis, but it could be abdominal wall - something that has pressure on it or stretches when jumping up. Xray would be logical first step, but may show nothing. I don't think it will be related to seasons unless her uterus is full of pus, but then she'd be showing other signs.

    I found the "yelping for no obvious reason" cases very frustrating to diagnose. It might be a question of monitoring her.
    Sorry not to be more definitive!

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