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Thread: Urban Deer CAD

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    Urban Deer CAD

    Competence Awareness Day

    Well after the success of the CAD day run jointly by the SLDG and LDNS . We have been asked to run a future event it would be run on similar lines only this time would focus on Urban deer there management positives negatives and control.
    This would be supported by all the major organisations BASC SACS BDS SGO etc. Also support given directly from FCS SNH and Local Landowner.s.
    I would like to know by PM if members of SD would be interested in coming along and supporting such an event.

    The event would be free with a small refundable deposit.
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    Dpending on the date i would like a space

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    Where and when?
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    I would like to attend depending on where & when

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    I would also be interested

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    i could see this becoming more and more relivant to more of us since roe and muntjac are becoming mlre urbanized we will have to go in after them at some point, probably when they have eaten all the flowers that were planted for where ever in bloom. when and where and i will try to make it, good on you 6 pointer
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    I would get a team together and make the trip.
    Anglo deer management and training
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    Thats nice to here Pierre you would be made welcome.

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    I would be interested depending on where and when.

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    Thank you for all the PM,s and Reply,s i will keep all in the loop with the events progress.

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