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Thread: Wild trout fishing in the Hebrides

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    Wild trout fishing in the Hebrides

    Dollag's Cottage, self catering accommodation in the village of Shawbost on the Isle of Lewis, is starting to see some weeks already booked for next July so it seemed like a good idea to bring it to the attention of those on SD looking for a real wild trout fishing experience.

    Or go direct to the Dollag's Cottage fishing on Lewis page:

    The cottage is newly renovated and can sleep 6 in one double and two twin bedrooms. There are a number of trout lochs within walking distance and one also gets the occasional salmon.

    It is said that there are 1,200 or maybe even 2,000 trout lochs on Lewis depending on who you ask and almost all hold a good head of wild brown trout. While on many lochs the trout can be relatively small there are also some lochs that can produce the fish of a lifetime, including one within walking distance of the cottage and another only a few minutes by car away. I doubt if there is anywhere else in Europe with such a huge selection of fishing available for totally wild trout that have been in their lochs since the end of the last Ice Age. Most of the trout fishing on Lewis is free of charge and a lot of the pleasure is in getting the maps out and deciding where you are going to fish next.

    Anglers can chose to walk miles to the most remote of lochs or they can fish by the road side should they wish, they can fish lochs with a reputation for big fish or walk to a loch that may not have been fished in years. The freedom and choice is almost unlimited.

    First class salmon fishing is also available on the island. In most cases it is necessary to pay for salmon fishing but some free fishing is available to give the angler a quick cast of an evening.

    The catch, of course, is that pets are not allowed as the cottage sits on a working croft so poor Fido has to miss out on the best fishing experience in Europe.

    The cottage:

    A remote trout loch:

    Not the weather for trout fishing but enjoying the view on the loch:

    A rainbow ending at a little shieling (building on the moor where traditionally the cattle were pastured in summer) on a Lewis loch:

    Some salmon fishing:

    For self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis please visit:

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    A old boy from our village came from Lewis it does look rather a special place doesn't it .

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    A old boy from our village came from Lewis it does look rather a special place doesn't it .
    If you fish, shoot, stalk or enjoy walking or wildlife then I don't think there is anywhere to beat it and it is like visiting some amazing foreign land compared to the rest of the UK.

    For anyone looking to visit Lewis and interested in a wildlife tour then I would recommend these people:

    They have just recently started up with the wildlife tours but have many years experience in wildlife management, ecology and they are on the Lewis moor almost every day of the year.
    For self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis please visit:

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