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Thread: Night Vision Optics

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    Night Vision Optics

    We've got a class 3 license at the shop so I get my hands on a fair amount of fully auto stuff and silencers .
    But yesterday a customer friend brought in something he wanted me to take home and play with a bit !

    This "thing" is 4x , I tried it last night at about 11PM out an upstairs window and had no problem with things out to about 100 to 150 yards !
    We have a couple thermal imaging things that have been cast aside by some governement folks as well .
    My friend that owns this scope uses it mainly for shooting piggies . Have another lawyer friend that does the same thing . $4000 scope is a bit much for shooting piggies in my mind but to each his own !
    I am however thinking this thing on top of a Remington 700 308 with a 16" pipe and a silencer screwed on shooting 220 grain subsonic ammo might just be a pretty decent setup for damage control deer/bear hunting :wink:

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    This scope has a very quick detachable and silent mounting system . If it holds zero well I think the above mentioned rifle with this scope setup and say a regular scope in the same type mount for daylight use most certainly would be good for the DCP hunting we've been doing the last 5 or so years .

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    Ye you guys get all the nice kit over there. They need to lift ITAR on nv gear for us.

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    I am using night lux made in Germany. Very nice quality. This toy is illegal in my country.

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    I use x2 of the above scopes on 22 rimfire and 17hmr very good and ideal for said cal being x4 also use the 760s oh 223

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