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    good morning all

    Good morning all, just a quick intro ,I am a Hertfordshire boy who travels all over the country for the shooting pursuits ,I was introduced to shooting on an Oxfordshire estate at a very early age by my grand father and have enjoyed rough shooting for some 35 plus years. I now rough shoot (walked up) over dogs (pointers and spaniels),shooting at least twice a week In the season .I carry out vermin control on a few local farms plagued by foxes.
    My passion is shooting and now days deer stalking and I have shot all 6 species of UK deer ,I mainly stalk in Hertfordshire and Norfolk. I prefer to shoot cull animals, not a trophy hunter but have been lucky enough to shoot a few medal heads .I enjoy the good company of like minded ,enthusiastic true sportsman who respect the countryside, and I am always willing to learn something new as well as help out when it comes to shooting ,
    I am very lucky to have a son whom is a game keeper in new Zealand and enjoy following his tales and adventures ,

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome aboard fae the borders.

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    welcome to the sd feller

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    welcome to the site.

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