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Thread: red hinds & calves!!

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    red hinds & calves!!

    hi,wonder if anyone can give me some advice,i've been asked to help clear a small forestry of hinds once the season starts as they have eaten most of the new trees that have been planted last year,i took a walk round last week and i reckon there's about 15 hinds most of them with 2 calves with problem is my concience,do you shoot the calves too?do you give them a fighting chance at life and chase them away?can they survive without mum?how can you tell if we leave them will they survive the winter on the hill,either way the man wants them gone.any advice would be great!!

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    the answer is easy
    shoot the calf first and if mum sticks around then shoot her too

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    I am now POSITIVE were one emoticon short.

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    Good answer finnbear. Made me laugh on a drab friday morning.

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    15 hinds most of them with 2 calves Karbon are you sure as this is quite unusual.
    But like stone says if you got to take out mum dependant gets it first. Not nice at times but that's stalking.

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    Re: red hinds & calves!!

    Quote Originally Posted by karbon77
    i took a walk round last week and i reckon there's about 15 hinds most of them with 2 calves with them.
    Thats sound unusual,maybe calf and follower or maybe you haven't seen all the hinds and you could have a lot more than you think?

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    Best advice with a question like that without being orible

    Is do your level one


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    That is not stalking it's culling a totally different thing, if you don't like it don't do it, see if you can cull the scrawny ones & any none dependent animals first.
    Then clear the rest after the calves have gained independence, gives you a chance of some nice stalking at a later date
    If the owners had taken their responsibilty to manage the deer properly it would not have arisen in the first place.
    So bite the bullet get on with the job or just walk away say no thanks not for me, I know one member on here all he does is stalk stags.
    Personally I wouldn't do it unless my back was against the wall, mind you the calves would be very nice and tender

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    Buy a sh**load of mashed potatoes

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    I have a similar situation but without the landowner pressure,

    A nursery wood with a population of around 15 -20 mature hinds with calves, I have only one red hind with twins. So a group of three will likely be mum, yearling, calf.

    There is only one right answer: youngest to oldest. I have a friend who the other day on this very subject, who said the opposite as you had a better chance of the youngster hanging round, a knowledgable man with years of experience.

    IMHO just plain wrong.


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