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Thread: Carrying Ammunition with the Rifle on overseas Flights

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    Carrying Ammunition with the Rifle on overseas Flights

    Hi Guys,
    I am Travelling to Germany for a Boar Hunt over a weekend, I am travelling in Hunting Clothing/Boots with only hand luggage for civvies and a 'checked in' Rifle case containing Rifle, bipod, knife.

    Can I put the ammunition (say 40 rounds) in a locked cash box within the Rifle case so its in the hold - anyone done this ?

    I think the airline might frown on me keeping it in my hand luggage & I don't really want to pay an extra 50 for additional baggage I don't really need as I can get all I need for the weekend in my hand luggage.

    thanks in advance for your advice

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    2p worth
    the last time i did it had to be in a locked box (ammo tin) with stickers saying explosives so i drive now also ask the airline about your bolt as pal of mine got in a mess as he had it on him ! thay keep changing who will or won't so ask its the best way not to get in a muddel and spoil a good trip

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