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Thread: Starter scope for Parker Hale .243

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    Starter scope for Parker Hale .243

    Hi all,

    Just picked up a nice P.H for cheap money but am looking for a good/starter scope to go with it.

    Does anyone have one for sale that will get me shooting it.

    Many thanks. Ben

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    there is a cheap meopta 7x50 on this forum

    that will get you out shooting for 200.

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    how much do you wont to spend

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    Edgar brothers did me on my firstcentrefire, for 40

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    I have a second hand Edgar brothers 8x56 on my PH .243 does the job. I have A second hand meopta 6x42 on my PH 30.06 look for either of these types of scope and you won't be disappointed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mannlicher View Post
    how much do you wont to spend
    Looking to spend up to 150 if that helps?

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    150 is an awkward price bracket to be in, the only thing that I would consider in that bracket would be a secondhand Leupold 6x40.

    I know that it's difficult if you haven't got the cash in your pocket but, if you can find your way to spending 400-500 then you are into secondhand fixed European or variable VXIII Leupolds and you will be getting much better quality and, more importantly, you will be getting into scopes that will not lose money.

    When you are starting out the last thing you need is an iffy scope. Don't forget that you may also need to spend a bit on good quality steel mounts if you don't already have them.

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    If you can strech to 250 will get you a redfield which are excellent for the money!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bennios View Post
    Looking to spend up to 150 if that helps?
    ​On that budget look out for a Simmons WTC 6.5-20x50. They often go for @ 120 and are superb optics for the price. Check that it's a Philippines model if you do go for one.

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    Well i managed to get myself a 2nd hand minox za5 in macleod of tain. I thought for the
    money its great so far. I know he has another one there at the moment thats got a price of 175 on it. Give him
    a call.
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