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Thread: "Moderator Glare"

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    "Moderator Glare"

    This subject may have been discussed before, but anyway it's a real stone in my shoe.....

    when i have a lamp mounted on my rifle for foxing the bottom half of my scope vision is blurred by glare of the mod', also if i am out solo with a roof mounted lamp again too much glare!

    I've tried the Bushwear Mod' cover but this makes no difference, apart from high lift scope mounts does anyone have an solution? (apart from get a lampin buddy....).

    Thanks Rob

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    I cured this problem a long time back, it does look a bit cr***y but it really works, ideal for one man lamping, It's all down to the size of your front lens bell, find youself a piece of black plastic tubing say from a fishing rod transit tube or a map case fit over bell & cut to length so as to sit just on the mod, length will vary in relation to wether your'e using a big hand lamp or a scope mounted beam, a gentle application of insulation tape or elastic band will secure, this came about when not able to get the usual lamp man when a desperate fox situation arose. (just don't wave it around in full view it looks like an over barrel launcher) Steve.

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    That is a pain in the arse, but then solo lamping with a light on the scope is a pain at the best of time.

    A sun shade for the scope and a neoprene mod cover might sort it.

    Even without a mod, a blued barrel will give quite a bit of glare solo lamping.

    At the risk of looking like a dick, you could try wrapping the mod and barrel with an army net scarf type thing, makes you feel like a proper sniper...

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    My 'scope is mounted so low that anything around the mod fouls it. So...

    I took a large black plastic flowerpot, cut the bottom out and found that it fits like a glove (or more accurately, a lampshade) around th'old Lightforce 170. The bottom front edge of the lampshade I warmed with a hot-air paintstripper and turned upwards so that it doesn't foul the 'scope and so that it does take a bit off the bottom of the beam, thereby reducing glare even further.

    Solo lamping is a pain, and now I look like I'm doing it with some kind of comedy rifle. The glare is no longer a problem, though.

    I might try to put up a picture later, so you can all have a laugh.

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    Dare not post a pic of mine ,even if I knew how, I'd have the shiny button brigade back round here again as it looks like a small recoilless job!

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    Most times glare happens because the magnification is to high if you have option turn it down to 6 or less if you have a light force lamp turn the front ring till the beam is a tight cone shape. The if you can try and get the light as far forward as you can. Hope it works.

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    Turn the scope mag down and then put a piece of insulation tape across the bottom of the scope until you just don't see the mod,you will find that the sight picture isn't effected at all...........'M'

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    Quote Originally Posted by re'M'ington
    Turn the scope mag down and then put a piece of insulation tape across the bottom of the scope until you just don't see the mod,you will find that the sight picture isn't effected at all...........'M'
    Now why didn't I think of that one sounds like I can lose the launcher now

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    I use a long black sock on my .17hmr, poke a small hole in the end to go over muzzel then stretch it down barrel and hook down onto harris bipod,a bit of black insulation tape behind the mod to keep it down,works a treat.
    ATB Neil

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    Thanks for the all the tips guys, reckon i'll try the plant pot over the lightforce trick....

    I've got a fixed power scope so can't turn down the mag', over this weekend i've tried a cardboard kitchen role tube which goes exactly over the 6 x 42 S&B - this has made some difference - will persevere...

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