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Thread: Quality Trophy Roebuck checking his territory

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    Quality Trophy Roebuck checking his territory

    ' roebuck reconn'. This is what they filmed. An 'up close & personal' meeting with a buck in his territory. we filmed this a couple of weeks ago while out cull stalking after getting down from the hight seat , i think a one off experience fantastic .we will leave him for another year or two.

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    Cracking buck,be intresting to see himin a couple of years

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    Great footage, what kind of camera did you use?

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    Hi a sony handcam full hd, dont go anywhere without it , exactly for this reason.

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    Great footage of a promising buck and even better for a refreshing change it doesn't get shot !

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    Great video, enjoyed watching it.

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    Lovely footage - interesting to see him come back and back. Shame he's broken that front brow tine for this year, but I imagine he'll be something else in a year or two. I hope that slightly wonky 'grin' he has will ID him in future for you.
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    Great footage!He's a cracker.
    ​Atb John

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    Great video, pleasure to watch, nice to see a decent buck doing what comes naturally, right place right time.

    Keep em coming brilliant piece of filming



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    Cracking vid mate

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