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Thread: Factory .243 advice

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    Factory .243 advice

    Can any Sauer 202 owners please give me some advice on what their rifles like Factory ammo wise in .243 calibre?

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    Usual caveat of each rifle an individual etc.

    ​But four 202's on the trot and a new 101 all took a real shine to Geco 105 grain. Equally good with 100 gr RWS and non too shabby with Federal Power Shok 100 and Norma 100grain.
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    In agreement with what MO says, I think its a bit of trial and error regardless of the make of rifle, to find a factory load that suits.

    All I would say is start with a make that is known for quality products being used. Saving a few quid on a box could be negated by the time you find one that 'fits'. I have always found Norma pretty consistent regardless of calibre or rifle I have put it through on the odd occasion I have not had home loads to hand. In fact a box of 100grn Norma I bought recently to put through an older Sako 243 produced such good grouping I am certain it could not realistically be bettered with home loads.

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    As said depends on the specific rifle - my 202 groups equally well with Norma 75gr BT's and with PPU 100gr SP's.


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    I have had two 202s and they have both shot very well with 100grn Norma
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