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    Cull/ Doe

    Hi, I am based on the Isle of Wight (no deer) and am looking for some cull/doe stalking (paid days) around Hampshire or West Dorset.

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    Speak to IanF on here, I will be visiting with him in November, after seeing so much good comment from others on here.Steve.

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    Jelen Deer Services also have Roe, Muntjac and the occassional Fallow and is nearer to you from the Isle of Wight.
    They have a web site and their area of operation is around the Stockbridge area.

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    I suggest you PM Lwcdart, he's around the New Forest - a lot more reliable than Jelen Deer Services IMO

    Lots of Fallow with Roe and the odd Muntjac (I've shot all three under Lwcdart's supervision) Also the odd Red and Sika

    I can give you his number if you PM me.

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