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Thread: Rip Off Vets

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    Rip Off Vets

    Out this morning tidying pens etc, Mischa my GSP is exploring close by as usual. She comes back to me and sits down by me licking the inside of her leg, I had a look and was horrified to see a gash on the inside of her back leg, she had sliced the skin about 4" long, which the skin had pulled open leaving a flap and exposed muscle. Washed it off with saline solution, had a look and there was no way that I was going to gather it up and keep it together where it was situated so we decide to contact the vets.
    We get there and the vet has a look and says it is clean and tidy, no damage at all to the underlying muscle, but of course it needs to be closed, ok fine, how much is this going to cost? He goes off the get an estimate. Bearing in my it is just a straight forward stitching up, I nearly hit the deck when he quoted 6-700, , what a ****ing rip off, that includes a 150 Sunday emergency fee, I don't think that its only the woofer that has been stitched up.
    We have got her insured and the vet was happy to deal with the company directly rather than me having to fork it all out, but that's not the point, its just like having a licence to print money as far as I can see.

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    Ouch! I had to read that twice to make sure i read it correctly.

    Bet you are glad she is insured!

    Hope she is well and is going to recover quickly.



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    First thing to do is change vets that is ridiculous

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    I'd be stitching it myself at that price,rediculous.

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    WTF !!! Did the vet ask if the dog was insured before quoting that extortionate price by any chance. Their prices are excessive anyway but if they know your going down the insurance route then they see a golden opportunity to charge as much as they wont. I'd move vets in future if that's what their charges are.

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    I can't help but wonder whether the insurance companies have had role in persuading healthcare (human as well as animal) professionals that their services are worth far more than any patient/owner would reasonably expect to pay if the market had been left as nature intended.

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    A couple of years back, my vet told me on the phone I would have to pay 175 up front if I wanted to bring the dog in on a bank holiday. That 175 included nothing, just to be allowed to have an appointment because it was a bank holiday.

    I promptly changed vets and have never been back to the original one since. I appreciate people have to make a living but some people rip the p*ss knowing as they do, people can be very emotional about animals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by al4x1 View Post
    First thing to do is change vets that is ridiculous

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    we bought a staple gun from our vet encase such things arise, also gave us a small training session whist he stapled up out springers leg. they arnt all bad

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    We have just lost a 4 week old puppy from a litter, she was at the vets 2 days before she died there. Spoke to the vet on the phone and asked what the bill would be and was given a figure of 600+. Is that everything I asked, no she said we will have to add the fee for the cremation! I felt bad but I haggled and pointed out that they could use there normal clinical wast procedure and stuff their cremation fee. Talk about milking a situation and trying to play on people's sentiment and emotions.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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