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Thread: Fallow Poaching D&G?

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    Fallow Poaching D&G?

    My mate found a Fallow carcase dumped on his permission on Friday! nice buck! I,m guessing poachers dumped it for some reason, just North of Dumfries, so for those with Fallow on their ground, beware, most likely guess is biggest population at Raehills, but could have come from any surrounding herds in D&G, I had a look at it today it had a plastic bag tied over it,s head and some lacerations on its back (dogs?) And a broken leg.


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    Had it been gralloched?

    Any more specifics as to location? I've some ground near Dumfries and I know dogmen were collared on nearby ground in possession of a roe earlier in the year.


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    Broken leg, grazes. Not gralloched. Plastic bag on head to stop blood and juices dribbling out during transport. Sounds like a dumped RTA carcase.

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    Could be why carry it to Hollywood, nearest population would be in Ae I think?

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    No far from my spot at all. It would be very interesting to know if outliers from the Annadale herd are making it that far south. Will have to start keeping a special eye out!


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