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Thread: Clipper Knife Sheaths

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    Clipper Knife Sheaths

    Been playing with some of cuts of leather because i was fed up with the clipper falling of my belt i have made some up.
    they are for sale at 20.00 Inc P+P
    I will donate 2.50 to H4H on each one sold on this site and 2.50 to john and malc for the site funds so come on lads we all have clippers.

    when ordering please send PM and colour left or right had hanging these are the three styles i have so far
    The belt sheath fits horizontal across your back on your belt

    Normal left or right hand

    Left or right handed Dangler


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    Is there a plastic liner in Ash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by L.D.G
    Is there a plastic liner in Ash.
    the inside of the leather is covered in resolene to stop and thing from soaking into the leather

    Also any good stalker should have some Anti Bacterial wipes with him or her in there pack to wipe any blade after use!

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    Ash, I think peeps were thinking of protection from the knife piercing through, Steve.

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    the leather is 3mm thick withe a double single welt on the handle you have to go some to push the knife through the sheath

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    received mine today.damn fine piece of getting good at sewing ash,ill bring my socks that need darning

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    Received mine a couple of days ago, many thanks Ash top job the knives fit a treat.


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    Got mine last week it is really good quality along with the rest of Ash's leather kit. I have tried mine by taking it hunting and what a pleasant change. To know the knife was dangling securely from my belt instead of having to keep making sure the bloody thing was still there or having it shoved in a pocket or bag was one less thing to worry about.

    Mind you I was still just as wet when it rained


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    just a couple of new styles and colours

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