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    High seats

    Just a quick word of warning to those of you who have the cheaper 'Summit' highseats. I purchased 5 of these for a specific job two seasons ago. 3 have been fine, 1 which was powder coated is now coated in rust, and one fell apart on me today when I moved it. The welds failed where the seat portion meets the ladder attachment point. If you have one give it a check over. I do not think they would collapse with someone in it but better safe than sorry.

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    sorry to say you get what you pay for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ndt man View Post
    sorry to say you get what you pay for.
    +1 wouldn't sit in one myself and if I paid for stalking and was given one to sit in I wouldn't be impressed.

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    I fully agree, but if they get nicked by the caravan utilising nomadic traveling people around here I do not worry too much. Given the choice I would have expensive ones every time.

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    you can get ones to last for 30 quid more with british steel as opposed to cheap chinese or european steel ,atb wayne
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    I've had one for a few months now and its showing signs of rust, I'll also be honest and admit the ladder section does not fill me with confidence. I now tend to use it as a try seat as it is lightweight and portable, if the area proves worthwhile I replace it with a wooden one I've built myself. Next job on it is to weld the ladder and hammerite

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