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Thread: A weekend with Amanda16

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    A weekend with Amanda16

    Calm down it's not what you think !

    I arranged three outings with Tam this weekend near Bonchester Bridge. I had my eye on the weather all week and we had a bit of everything except snow, One minute it was raining heavy in a gale the next lovely bright sunshine and we were midge meat. Using a mixture of boxes/hight seats and walking I got to see some of Tam's excellent ground. Plenty of deer seen and took a nice six pointer on saturday morning 0800 from a box, Tam was very polite and let me think I saw it first !! It ran about 25 metres into the bracken etc and it was great to see Tam work his labs, they are good dogs and he has trained them well. As they were searching a doe bolted from where the buck dropped, but the labs resisted the temptation to chase it.
    At 0430 this morning we spotted a buck and doe feeding, i took the shot but I had a clean miss, my excuse is I misjudged the distance as I was shooting over a ravine and dog leg of the forest road. Anyway they escaped before I had chance to try again.
    Tam is a great guy, very accommodating who will get you onto the deer and I am looking forward to my next outing with him.
    Thanks Tam.


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    That's the problem learning to shoot where it is flat and has no trees. Get to real land and your totally confused.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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