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Thread: rifle wanted

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    rifle wanted

    Hi, I'm looking for a used rifle would consider calibres .243, 6.5 or 25-06 or even 30/06, synthetic with moderator.

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    I know itís not exactly what youíre looking for but I have a 5 month old Sako Bavarian in a .243 with a lovely grained wooden stock. It's threaded to M14x1 with a stainless steel thread cap and an un-used T8 Reflex sound Mod with a 'Bush Muffler' neoprene mod cover. I'm selling it with 30mm optilock scope mounts without the scope, and the action has been partially bedded. It also has a very nice single set trigger.

    If youíre not familiar with this model, hereís the link to the Sako website:

    I've put 60 home loaded rounds through the rifle from new in total (without the sound mod on) and have developed a 70grain Nosler BT load that shoots ragged holes on the paper at 100m. I was very particular to shoot the rifle in when it was brand new, with a process of copper cleaning in between the first five rounds to break in the virgin barrel to prevent throat damage and increase barrel longevity.

    Anyway, the whole package cost me £1680 new, and Iím after £1350 ONO for it as it is. It still looks the same as when it came out of the box for the first time a few months ago, with no marks whatsoever; itís as new.

    Photos are available; let me know if youíre interested,


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    you have a PM reference .243 and 6.5

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    Sorry guys but this thread is from Oct 2009 and outdated.

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