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Thread: Salmon, Sea-Trout and Trout Fly Rods

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    Salmon, Sea-Trout and Trout Fly Rods

    I have for sale a few rods , please pm me with your email address if your interested in any of the rods and I will let you have pictures etc.
    Some of the rods belonged to my late Father and some to my late friend, I can`t use them all so seems a shame to keep them in a cupboard gathering dust, all the rods are in great condition some like new, the worst one I would say would rate at 7.5/10

    Salmon Rods
    Bruce and Walker Expert 15ft # 9/11
    Diawa Whisker (as new) 15ft #9/11
    Diawa Lochmore 14ft #9/10
    Shakespeare Pfluger 14ft 6in #9/10
    Stranks (Hardy blank) glass 12ft 6in #10/11 ( SOLD )
    Bruce and Walker Century Grilse 11ft 3in #5/7 ( PENDING )

    Sea-Trout Rods
    Bruce and Walker Technocrat Sea-Trout 10ft 3in # 5/7 imaculate ( PENDING )
    McHardy`s of Carlisle ( Hardy blank) 11 #7/8
    Diawa Whisker 10ft #8/9

    Trout Rods
    Shakespeare president 9ft 6in #7/8
    Diawa Whisker 10ft #6/7 ( SOLD )
    Diawa Excellor 3 piece 10ft # 7/8 + tube imaculate ( SOLD )
    Diawa Whisker 9ft 6in 3 piece # 5/6 as new ( SOLD )
    Loomis GL3 9ft 9in # 8 ... like new ( SOLD )

    I also have a few cane rods named and un-named , as well as part built and spare pieces


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    I'm interested in the Lochmore, can you pm me some pics and details of price etc.

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    I've seen these rods this evening, and they are in excellent condition. You wont be disappointed.

    Thanks once again.


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    Some prices would help

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    I might be interested in the McHardy's sea trout rod, depending on price, etc. etc.

    are you able to send an idea of price and a picture to my pm?

    kind regards


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