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    Napier Pro 10

    Anybody using the Napier Pro 10 ear defenders? or even the Pro 9 ? How effective are they? I own a pair of Peltor Sportac and a pair of Peltor Optime 3, but the Napier seems very practical and this for a good price. I would still continue the Peltor's when I would shoot fulbore rifles myself, but the Napier seems intresting to do some clayshooting or to walk around on the range finished shooting yourself.

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    Use both of them and if properly fitted they seem to do the job. However, like all 'in the ear' type plugs they don't cover the mastoid bone area (which muff types do). I've been told by a deaf shooting friend, who had his ears professionally examined, that percussive shock to this area can be just as damaging to hearing as sound waves directly into the ear. Perhaps any audiologists on here may like to comment?

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    Got a pair of the Pro 9's yesterday went out last night to test crow bashing, very good, nice and small, they cut out the bang but also the every day sounds.

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